The results of fundraising, book rating, and a new page of download history.

The results of fundraising, book rating, and a new page of download history

May 10, 2021
67k baxış sayı

Dear Zlibrary Community,

We have some good news to share! The latest fundraising campaign was successfully completed, with about 200 countries participating! This is a sign to us of how our library has grown over the past few years, and all because of you. Thank you for putting up with bugs that come up from time to time, for reporting on errors with lightning speed, and for actively participating in the “life” of our library. Back in 2009, no one thought this project would grow into something big. Your touching feedbacks, which you send to us and post under the blog entry, give us a sense that we've come all this way for a reason. Thank you all!

So let's finally talk about the new features. We've recently implemented a feature to rate the plot of the book and the quality of the file. We hope this will help you choose the highest-quality version of the book, and we will be able to remove books with a low-quality rating in the future. This feature is located on the book page, just under the "author". Find it? You may wonder why two different colored scores are displayed. The orange score is for the plot of the book and the green one is for the quality of the file.

Please note: any user can rate the plot, but only users who downloaded the book can rate the quality.

  • If you suddenly change your mind after rating a book, no problem, you can update it at any time.
  • If you downloaded several versions of the book (from the drop-down list), you can rate them all at once by clicking on the star icon (screenshot 2).
  • If two users have given a score of 1-2, this version of the book will be highlighted in the list of available versions (screenshot 3).
  • If the star icon is grayed out, it means you've already rated this book.
  • For quick access, you can also use this feature on the download history page.
  • Please rate the books you have downloaded or read. By spending a little time, you will help other users find the right book quickly.

Speaking of download history, have you noticed that we've refreshed the design of the page? In addition to removing a book from your download history, you can also rate and re-download it. If you're looking for the download history for a specific period, you can use the date filter. And most important, the counter reset time is now displayed in hours, and the progress bar clearly shows how many downloads you have left.

We are going to refresh the design of other pages/forms/elements in the future. So if you notice any bug, don't hesitate to email us :) That's all for now, thank you for your attention!

Always yours,

The Zlibrary Team

We need a reader club

10 May 2021 (15:00) 
I had requested some books but I haven't got them yet. Please upload those books.
10 May 2021 (16:34) 
SIETE SEMPRE I MIGLIORI ! VI ringrazio con tutto il ❤️ cuore infinitamente.
10 May 2021 (16:47) 
Why is it that *daily* dozens and dozens of books get uploades as English when in fact they are Chinese, Dutch or German (the main three languages with that fault)? Will that be corrected after uploading? Otherwise the search for title + language is somewhat useless.
10 May 2021 (17:06) 
What I regret is that there are people who don't bother to write a description. Which is a shame, it is a small effort to do that.
10 May 2021 (17:19) 
精神上支持一下 继续努力 互联网需要像你们这样的人才来建设变好!!!
10 May 2021 (17:42) 
Vikas Kumar
always ours!
thanks for the valueable books contribution.
10 May 2021 (18:50) 
Vikas Kumar
this website is so helpful for third world country student they also get to know about the latest technologies without spending so much money'
10 May 2021 (18:53) 
I really like the addition of rating, thank you for always improving the site.
10 May 2021 (19:46) 
I am immensely grateful to those who put this project together. A lot of people are excluded from access to knowledge and this is a game-changer for them. THANK YOU.
10 May 2021 (20:07) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@Goocker, as we said before, the problem happens because of the book's metadata, our system determines the language according to the metadata. The only way is to correct the language manually.
10 May 2021 (20:21) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
npkgamer235, unfortunately, a book request doesn't guarantee that the book will be added soon.
10 May 2021 (20:22) 
@Valeria: So that means nobody is going to correct this from time to time and the language search is more or less obsolete?
10 May 2021 (21:18) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@Goocker, we have the best user-editors, and they actively suggest corrections to books. Every user can correct any information about the book (except the category) by using the "suggest a correction" option :)
10 May 2021 (21:39) 
Ah, I see. So I will suggest those things in the future.
11 May 2021 (00:20) 
we need a club
11 May 2021 (01:22) 
comparing to waste spare time everyday.It's better to do sth more meaningful.
11 May 2021 (07:07) 
If you keep just one copy of the book (if it's educational then PDF is good, or for just fiction only 1 high quality epub is just fine, there are many converters available, like Calibre and people can use them to convert into their desirable fomats) then it'd be massively easier and it would take much much lesser space and so you can upload more books rather 5 different copies/versions of the book. I think that's what z-lib should do. And I ask z-lib to bring an option where I can ask you to get a book removed for being low qualitative, so that it takes lesser safe on your site.
Thank you z-lib for all the hard work you put into this site. I love and appreciate your hard work.
11 May 2021 (08:21) 
@S: You are absolutely right, that's very reasonable. Just today for example the 23rd (!) copy of Dan Brown's "Illuminati" in German was uploaded. The original title in English "Angels and Demons" is available in 36 copies!! What is the reason??
11 May 2021 (08:35) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@S, you should use the option "Report a problem"
11 May 2021 (12:23) 
its zee
I'm trying upload a book( 'How Lucky' by Will Leitch, which is not on z-library yet) from my (android) phone. First I tried with the Tor Browser, I select book but there isn't any sign that the book is being uploaded, then I tried with Duckduckgo Browser and there it doesn't even let me select the book. After I go to the book's folder (I want to upload), the book(an epub version) looks faded (white-ish, what happens when a file is not of the valid type). Maybe there should a tutorial(better if it's a video instead of instructions and screenshots and for both Laptop and phone) on this site on how to upload books.
11 May 2021 (14:30) 
@S and dritter!

What's more annoying: a book being available as 125 different files or a book being available as 125 different files and someone still posting a request for it? Discuss.
11 May 2021 (14:47) 
Since yesterday, on the french version of the site, I can't choose language in the search filters / parameters, I hope you will bring it back since it's hard to seach anything not english anymore.

Before all I have to do is search an author / collection and have the french on and I have what I want. Or for example I want some french Harlequin novels for my aunt, now good luck swimming through all the english ones.

It seems to still work on the english version site, but not the french version, I don't understand why they change it. Even if I'm bilingual, it's just weird to use the english site.
11 May 2021 (15:28) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@Nance, unfortunately, it's a bug that appeared only for the French language. We will fix it as soon as possible.
11 May 2021 (15:40) 

I cannot detect what one has to do with the other and why this would be a case for keeping unnecessary files in a huge number.
11 May 2021 (18:53) 
Victoria Michelle Smith
Love this site. Love it like crazy
11 May 2021 (19:36) 
You DO know that authors write the books, BEFORE they are paid, right?!
11 May 2021 (20:44) 
jm - this book is a medical book, not an art/cinema one. Please change the genre/category to help others! Thanks!
11 May 2021 (21:46) 
Great :)
11 May 2021 (22:29) 
Book pro
Really good!
12 May 2021 (04:49) 

The site / library is treated like a sort of a file dump and not a real library by literally everybody.
12 May 2021 (14:11) 
@team, the french site search feature parameters are back, thx. :)
12 May 2021 (14:49) 
i like the file rating system! before i had to write & read comments for info about file quality, the rating makes it much easier to compare uploads.
12 May 2021 (16:32) 
The website is so fast at downloading
12 May 2021 (18:44) 
This is an awesome project. Making so much knowledge accessible to every. Beating all the obstacles to make piracy of knowledge the wonderful, liberating enterprise that it is. This is one of the best websites on the web! Thanks for your hard work Zlibrary!
12 May 2021 (20:40) 
Really a great site! I would love to support with my contributions.
12 May 2021 (21:09) 
Please bare with me as i learn to use how to send and receive bitcoin, my original pledge is still valid soon i work out bugs on my end for the delay I will double it donation.
13 May 2021 (03:51) 
Love the rating feature idea! I’ll do my best to use it
13 May 2021 (06:29) 
cesar wob
nice new features, great website btw!
13 May 2021 (07:06) 
Thanks, guys. You rock. Cheers.
I have been downloading as many books as i can lately, by reaching the daily allowed limit, as you have noticed, in order to make sure i get all the books i need to read in case you w'd decide to change your policies or even "disappear" as did. Its all for personal use. All the downloaded books are for personal use. Besides, i w'd love to donate to you. You sure deserve that. This library is really priceless, but i have been suffering from the hardships of inemployment for more than a year now, thanks to corona mainly, so it breaks my heart not to be able to donate anything, as i myself been struggling to hold my head above water. Your books have been saving my life really, by offering my consolation, knowledge, a break from hardship...I dont wanna sound like i am looking for your pity, no way. I just felt the obligation that i owe to you to explain my unusual behaviour of downloading 10 books a day. Thats all. I will stop doing that eventually. Soon. Thanks for your understanding. Best wishes.
13 May 2021 (18:43) 
This is an excellent and well needed feature. It will go a long way to ensuring readers get the better copy. Many thanks. Perhaps in time it might be worth deleting extraneous-inferior copy too, to save on clutter and server space.
13 May 2021 (21:17) 
Thank you
13 May 2021 (21:39) 
great, just add the books we guys requested, and probably a book club would be pretty nice too!!!
13 May 2021 (22:41) 
Pradeep Kumar Srivastava
Please provide Nothing is impossible by Mehedi Fakarzada and everything is possible by mehedi Fakarzada
14 May 2021 (10:33) 
Arjun Singh
Can never praise the website enough!!
It's a life changer!!
14 May 2021 (11:35) 
Love you guys
14 May 2021 (20:59) 
Great work!!! Thank you for all that you do! Happy learning everyone 🤗
15 May 2021 (05:10) 
Great Ampong
Thank you guys. An amazing online library💙💙
15 May 2021 (05:27) 
parabéns, achei muitos livros por aqui, mas gostaria que aumentassem a variedade desses livros. existem varios sites do vk que simplesmente existem com toneladas de arquivos e ninguem captura os mesmos...
15 May 2021 (08:19) 
Thank you guys... I am from Sri Lanka and got to know about Z-Lib very recently. All my family is book loves and we highly appreciate the work you guys are doing. Keep up the good work.
15 May 2021 (11:41) 
Zoy Fu
God bless you
15 May 2021 (15:58) 
There should be a number of ratings
15 May 2021 (17:29) 
Greatest site on the net!! Love it!!
16 May 2021 (14:37) 
Siddha Tehuti
I love this website!!!
16 May 2021 (17:54) 
Anyone having trouble making donations via VISA? I'm having that Would be great if you could include PayPal as an alternative. Thanks!
17 May 2021 (05:49) 
ZLibrary should have a belongs to own e-book reading software, or have read online function, thanks!
17 May 2021 (07:07) 
Thank you. You made my reading time more joyful. ;)
17 May 2021 (09:31) 
Ziyad Quliyev
17 May 2021 (12:50) 
Thinh Vo
Best free book website!
17 May 2021 (12:50) 
thank you
17 May 2021 (12:52) 
Ramon Busquet Castello
Ës un pas endavant per millorar la qualitat de le llibreria. Gràcies
17 May 2021 (13:04) 
17 May 2021 (13:17) 
Paul Christian Masanque
You are heaven sent to me given all my situation which puts me in a situation that I cannot have access golden content yiu offer
17 May 2021 (13:17) 
17 May 2021 (13:20) 
Best free book website! thank you for students utilizing doing good job in this panic time
17 May 2021 (13:21) 
17 May 2021 (13:23) 

17 May 2021 (13:24) 
Bigg Senz
Is there anyone else experiencing problems or receiving error codes with the search function?
17 May 2021 (13:40) 
The search isn't working for me either :-(
17 May 2021 (13:42) 
Sofia Rodrigues
Me too
17 May 2021 (13:44) 
Oudjani thiziri
Me too😢 What is the problème
17 May 2021 (13:47) 
17 May 2021 (13:56) 
great work. found the books i re quired
17 May 2021 (13:59) 
the website isn't working
17 May 2021 (14:01) 
it is a very great work. I always found the books I look for
17 May 2021 (14:02) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
The issue will be fixed within 30 minutes. Sorry for this inconvenience!
17 May 2021 (14:05) 
Why isn't Z library working 🥺🥺
This is the best website ever!.. pls fix the issue
17 May 2021 (14:21) 
Sharon Uja
Amazing. Great work there. Thank you for improving your service and I'm grateful to be a beneficiary.
17 May 2021 (14:21) 
@ ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos) there are also issues with uploading 😊
17 May 2021 (20:00) 
Yesterday I could not upload. Seems OK now. Oh, such a wonderful site for bookworms!
17 May 2021 (22:18) 
Is it me or is uploading still not working?
18 May 2021 (09:48) 
Donna Draper
I will never be thankful enough for this website. Some things are easily taken for granted and this is one of them.
18 May 2021 (12:29) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@Eri, please try to re-upload the books.
18 May 2021 (12:34) 
@ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

It worked. Thanks for fixing it.
18 May 2021 (13:27) 
ryan ak
I love your website you seriously did help me a lot finding books and i hope someday you will add a lot more books from different languages <3
18 May 2021 (21:21) 
The updates sound excellent!

Have you guys considered getting set-up with Brave to accept BAT contributions and tips? It could be a great revenue source, especially now BAT is trading above USD.
18 May 2021 (22:10) 
Prof. Abomaye-Nimenibo
You are doing a great work for mankind. Kudos to you.
18 May 2021 (23:42) 
please don't remove any low quality rated book. some books might consider low quality as a digital copy but their availability is much better than being not available anywhere as a gem by their content.
20 May 2021 (09:08) 
Might it be possible to add a 'x' in the search bar to delete the search entry. If the titles are long it is tricky deleting letter by letter, especially if doing many searches. Thanks.
20 May 2021 (14:23) 
Meline Writes
KUDOS to the TEAM. Your books had filled my epub reader. You're helping me see myself as a life-long learner.
20 May 2021 (18:33) 
21 May 2021 (04:21) 
@ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos) I think it would be a good idea to show the stars measuring the quality of the corresponding download file on the search-result page as well as on the detail page.
21 May 2021 (13:55) 
Files downloading on Tor as "dtoken.<filetype>" instead of "<title> by <author> (<filetype>". Is there a blog post addressing this? Is this a privacy feature?
21 May 2021 (17:04) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
@PerkyPangolin, please provide us ( with the information about your TOR browser and the example of the file.
21 May 2021 (17:12) 
Neisha Ahmed
Thank you for all of your help!!!

Being a student from third world country I really appreciate your work!.
21 May 2021 (17:56) 
Dear Zlibrary, you are amazing and a boon in literally every way. We love you so much, please keep doing god's work xoxo
22 May 2021 (02:29) 
Thank you so much for all of your efforts!
22 May 2021 (11:46) 
The removal of versions may be concerning, if a poor rated version with, say, a different translation ends up removed. Even if the file isn't great, alternatives of editions, translations, etc are useful. I hope that this only applies to the same isbn, otherwise I suggest that you reconsider the new feature.
22 May 2021 (20:14) 
Please upload the book"multimodality,learning and communication: a social semiotic frame" isbn: 978-1-3156-8753-7 .I have requested this one for long period but have no respond. thx a lot.
23 May 2021 (11:45) 
Que maravilha!
23 May 2021 (15:30) 
Ver y good news! Thanks for everything!
23 May 2021 (19:39) 
Suryanshu Chatterjee
I love z library @ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)

How do you donate?
23 May 2021 (21:14) 
Hello , i was wondering if we could remove self-promotion , because there are some messages on the page that annoy people or at least report them.
24 May 2021 (02:34)
24 May 2021 (06:24) 
I've been using Z-library for past few months. And I read English epub files. When I search for a title, if it's a novel, almost every time, there are too many copies. Now I can't download every single copy of them to check if I'm reading the highest quality book (also 10 downloads per day is the maximum allowed number for free). I can't say for sure if a book I'm reading has no issue until I'm finished. So if someone who has read the book, rates it's quality, it'd be easier for both later readers and Z-lib. But one important fact that has been mentioned is that just because a book is of low quality it shouldn't be deleted until it is made sure that there is at least one better copy of that book. No need to worry at all. Z-library stuffs are surely mature enough not to forget about that. And now it's around 220 TB of space for Z-library, I guess this space would decrease at least by 25% if all those duplicate/low quality books are deleted. And if they push it further to remove old versions of the books (which is not likely to happen) it should decrease by another 25%, I mean like educational books i.e. books by Springer company or (topic) for dummies books are updated every year. So if they delete the past year's books and make sure the latest one stays, it'd be another better for them since they'll b able to hold thousands of hundreds of different books for that reason.
24 May 2021 (21:06) 
Soy nueva en la biblioteca, y hasta el momento me ha parecido genial
24 May 2021 (21:09) 
Z-librry is one of the best things that has happened. It has a literal collection of millions of books for free. College students (or hs students) can download books (textbook/ reference books) for self-teaching. Also great for fiction/non-fiction or readers of any favorite genre I love y'all, on Z-lib team, so much. I'm literally scared if Z-lib disappears some day it'd be so much devastating and soul shattering to me. Please don't disappear all of a sudden. Thank you so much for all the unseen hard work you put into this, the stuffs, volunteers and everyone else working on it. You all are the best.
24 May 2021 (21:21) 
Hi, are there plans to update the address of the dot-onion website❔ Clicking on said address in the Tor browser returns the message about invalid onionsite address.
Best regards.
24 May 2021 (22:18) 
Huh the hidden service seems to be working now.
25 May 2021 (15:55) 
Thanks for your great effort.
Regarding updates or requirement , I will keep to another.

You did a great job, keep it up
25 May 2021 (17:03) 
@Zlibrary Team, Can you please help me find this Finance book. I really need this one ISBN: 0176530835
Finance for Non-Financial Managers, 7th Edition
by Pierre Bergeron
26 May 2021 (12:04) 
Dilip Kulkarni
Zlibrary team, great collection.
27 May 2021 (11:35) 
Is any of you aware of the fact that this is illegal and theft?

None of the authors, or publishers is paid. Z-librart somehow, somewhere stole the e-pub and placed it here for you all to read.

Maybe you donate, and think you do the right thing. But no. YOU STOLE

Thank you all for making hard work useless.
27 May 2021 (23:04) 
Hi Z library,
I made a donation to get premium account, but it seems I can only download books. When I need to download articles, my status becomes a guest, so I can't get more than 5 articles. Can you tell me what is wrong?
29 May 2021 (09:51) 
Dear @Author some of us don't have enough money to buy all the books that we want, zero marginal cost is how we can download those files without "STOLE" nothing. Of course, we'll pay something later, but not $300!!!! per book
29 May 2021 (17:44) 
@Author This is a platform where users upload literature, Z library only provides the platform. The benefits obtain by sharing these literature outweighs the morale standards. In conclusion, GFU
30 May 2021 (01:07) 
Team Z-Library I like your collectiom it has realy helped me
31 May 2021 (08:17) 
This is a real share source websites about books.The book count is so large that users can find the wanted e-books.
31 May 2021 (12:06) 
Thank you so much for all of your efforts!
31 May 2021 (18:25) 
I love this site, thank you.
A suggestion to those uploading Books with multiple authors - please don't list all the authors in with the title as they will not download as the "Title is too long".
31 May 2021 (18:33) 
Can anyone help elaborating how to upload books here, on z-lib?
01 June 2021 (06:20) 
This library had been very helpful.
01 June 2021 (14:29) 
sudarsana samaraweera
This library is very useful. This made it easy to read many books that could not be easily found in Sri Lanka. We must extend our generous respect and gratitude to those who are doing this project.
02 June 2021 (06:44) 
Saurabh Kumar Dixit
I have sent a copyright infringement takedown notice (in prescribed format) at to remove my Handbook of Gastronomic Tourism from the Z library / b-ok website.

Can you please help me again in removing its free access from the website as it is my copyright product? I feel you respect the copyrights of the others.
Thank you very much.
02 June 2021 (09:13) 
Cornel Fuhri
Please fix the visa payments facility!!
03 June 2021 (12:22) 
i have benefitted immensely. thanks for the improvements! great job!
05 June 2021 (14:30) 
free stir
Cannot upload a book when its size is more than 200MB.
05 June 2021 (18:13) 
Have put forward request for some health and fitness books, please help with those books.
05 June 2021 (18:33) 
thank you for always improving the website!
05 June 2021 (19:35) 
love it
06 June 2021 (09:46) 
We need the book in the series of Ten Lectures...e.g. Ten Lectures in Cognitive Linguistics, Ten Lectures in Sign Language and Cognitive Semantics, etc.
06 June 2021 (23:40) 
Thank you.
06 June 2021 (23:41) 
thank you
07 June 2021 (15:23) 
First i want to said thank you for this Library Blog. I only find the books i had download had go on a way off and now i cannot get it again. I dont think its an good idee for let books away because people not all like that not all people like reading all tipes of books.
I wish you will think again before you choose to let some away.
thanks again for this great job you do for us.
08 June 2021 (00:22) 
Please upgrade search ability for one character terms.
Example: "C". Currently it is not possible to search for books with C in title.
08 June 2021 (09:55) 
08 June 2021 (10:47) 
08 June 2021 (15:02) 
J'ignore l'avis de tous aussi sujet de cette bibliothèque mais moi je sais qu'elle est vraiment génial,le seul problème que je trouve est que tous les livres que je souhaite parcourir ne s'y trouve pas et à part ça il n'y a plus rien à revoir . selon mon désire elle est vraiment top😍🤩
08 June 2021 (17:34) 
08 June 2021 (22:34) 
Gracias enormes por permitirnos acceder a lo que de otra manera no podríamos... geniales, gracias...
09 June 2021 (02:36) 
Eagle Watson
It's really a great resource site for me. And I hope that the books will be more various. And sometimes I want to read textbooks from other countries and regions, but you don't have any, I hope they can get uploaded.
09 June 2021 (03:05) 
i really want there'll be a club for us ~
09 June 2021 (08:54) 
Good stuff. You should list lifetime giving as well on user accounts. If someone donates a bunch, they should be able to maintain certain benefits for a lot longer than a month
09 June 2021 (18:30) 
SLS Team
I need Zee Files T-T
10 June 2021 (02:38) 
Thank you very much!
10 June 2021 (05:06) 
10 June 2021 (13:03) 
Thank you very much
11 June 2021 (12:35) 
I like this library
11 June 2021 (12:57) 
I had requested some books that I would really want read but I haven't got them yet. Please upload those books.
12 June 2021 (20:00) 
Sometimes I download books that say English but they’re French, Chinese, Spanish ETC.
When you write the language, please write the correct one.
But other then that, this web is extremely useful!
12 June 2021 (20:22) 
Thanks you so much.
15 June 2021 (04:54) 
Tyler Bedlin
@Yes Would you mind messaging me on telegram (Tyler Bedlin)? I'm in need of book requests. Thanks in advances
27 June 2021 (05:21) 
Hi guys! Any chance we are getting Quentin Tarantino´s Once upon a time in Hollywood today?
29 June 2021 (13:32) 
Hi Guys, Tor requires to upgrade to version 3, any thought Team, TX
08 July 2021 (01:16) 
Sam Burrows
This is a wonderful site! Would it be possible to add a title search to the downloaded books? Thank you
24 July 2021 (14:26) 
thanks for the ratings really this is changing the world by adding readers.
18 August 2021 (23:52) 
What is better than Windows Speech Recognition for turning pages in an ebook (as with PageDown or PageUp)? We only use Speech Recognition not a mouse , keyboard, or touch screen. Would an accessibility Librarian know?
29 August 2021 (23:18) 
Why there is not fund raising campaign on september?????????
04 September 2021 (12:59) 
ZLibrary Team (Valeria Bookos)
The fundraising will start on September 15th, you will see the banner on the main page.
04 September 2021 (13:11) 
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
04 September 2021 (20:09) 
For fund raising, unable to use VISA which the only source I can use. What this can be fix?
15 September 2021 (03:59) 
what a wonderfull site , I am kindda new here , Heard Z lib in the past , but thought it to be illigal so didn't bother checking , Now I needed one book which i didn't even find in amazon or any book site , thats an old book of 1940s , I tried very hard , and Eventually i landed on this site ,

Impressed when i search about Z lib , that's not illegal , the team is great , I have now donated and will donate for future if required thankyou z lib team , Love from India .
15 September 2021 (06:37) 
Hi. I tried to donate directly from paypal but I couldn't find that as an option, Am stuck, I would love to know if there is a way to go around that. Many thanks to this site from Kenya.
15 September 2021 (11:10) 
Tried to send a donation, 6 times but on the final attempt it told me Visa Credit not available and since that's the only credit card I have, I've been unable to send anything. Since we have protection here in the UK on cc payments, it's the only payment type I use.
16 September 2021 (14:16) 
hi! I love this site. I would love to make a donation but unfortunately, I use Paypal only. If you add it, let me know! =) ty DD
17 September 2021 (03:00) 
17 September 2021 (08:50) 
Usually I don't give donations. But not this time. I find your site extremely useful for the humanity. Access to knowledge cannot be underestimated in the modern world. Way to go!
18 September 2021 (11:42) 
Buenas noches desde ESPAÑA soy nueva y me ha encantado Z-Library.
¿Se puede donar en euros?
23 September 2021 (00:34) 
I would really like to donate, but your donation windows always end on the last day of the relevant month. My salary cycle means that I only know how much disposable cash I have in the first week of every month. Outside of you advertised donation "windows" there doesn't seem to be any other donation mechanism. If there is one, please let me know what it is; alternatively, perhaps we can have a "donate" button as a permanent feature of the site. You could still have set periods when a donation attracts rewards.
How about it, Z-Library angels?
Thank you a million times for this service.
23 September 2021 (13:24) 
El libro Inteligencia Emocional de Daniel Goleman aparece como eliminado de z-library a pesar de que el autor es un académico y propulsor de novedosos puntos de vista en ciencias humanas del comportamiento.
Pregunto: z-library aplica filtros sobre los libros que ofrece?
27 September 2021 (02:30) 
Thank for all your effort.
27 September 2021 (06:12) 
Went to donate but after my card details the next page wanted 'Billing Details' such as phone No. & address. Am unwilling to give those out and don't see why they are needed, so until that's not asked of me I'm afraid I'll pass ... sorry!
29 September 2021 (06:07) 
When I first discovered ZLibraty web site,
It is like Columbus found America,
A gold digger finally found mountains of gold mines,
A thirsty man lost in the desert found a spring river.
Forget Bit Torrent with ZLibrary instant download.
Thank you to those who involve with this project.
You made my dream come true.
02 October 2021 (08:17) 
Fo' Real
Best book platform ever. I am the improved version of my former self because of in large measures guys, your work has enriched many lives more than you will ever know. With much love from Africa
11 October 2021 (13:51) 
hi, I would like comment to the master that you have a problem, I tried to make a donation but the charge was 60 times higher so I reject the charge. You should chek out to VISA.
Thanks for your support to the culture.
12 October 2021 (23:01) 
I would like to comment to the master that I tried to make a donation, but the charge was 60 times higher so I had to reject it. You should check out VISA.
Thanks for support the culture.
12 October 2021 (23:14) 
I am in the premium category for books but it is only letting me download 20 books. Have emailed support twice but no one is responding back to me or fixing my issue
31 December 2021 (05:42) 
This is the best place to download books
15 January 2022 (17:34) 
هل تحتاج إلى تمويل شخصي أو تجاري أو استثماري ، دون ضغوط وموافقة سريعة؟ إذا كانت الإجابة بنعم ، فاتصل بنا اليوم لأننا نقدم حاليًا قروضًا بسعر فائدة رائع بنسبة 3٪. تمويلنا مضمون وآمن. سعادة عملائنا هي قوتنا. قروض من 5،000 يورو - 1،000،000.00 يورو وجنيه يورو ، متاحة الآن للأعمال التجارية ، والقروض الشخصية ، وقروض المنزل ، والسفر والطلاب ، إلخ. لمزيد من المعلومات ، أرسل اقتراح قرض مفصل (مبلغ القرض ، الدولة ومدة القرض)

ضابط القرض.

مع أطيب التحيات

بريد الالكتروني؛

من الإثنين إلى السبت: 7:30 صباحًا - 6:30 مساءً {وقت المعالجة}.
الأحد: 12 ظهرًا - 6:30 مساءً {زمن المعالجة}
25 January 2022 (21:27) 
best whishes to zlibrary
29 January 2022 (14:13) 
please separate the traditional Chinese books from the simplified Chinese books. Please create a new language line and ask specifically if the book is traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese.  they are written in different ways. I feel being tricked as I cannot verify which Chinese writing is it until after downloaded.
I am sad I have wasted my time downloading all these simplified Chinese books. Many are pdf and unavailable to switch to traditional Chinese for reading.
please consider this suggestion as it will make a big difference in a donation. Thank you.
28 February 2022 (02:27) 
Hi i can only download 10 books per 24hrs is that UNLIMITED this happened last year when i donated
22 March 2022 (10:12) 
Hello... I have tried to give you a $100 donation....four times...and it never goes through....if you send me an address...I will send you a cashier check....
25 March 2022 (20:49) 
10 May 2022 (15:28) 
Pay with Alipay, and it was blocked on the second day.
10 May 2022 (15:31) 
Ladders can't be used for long in the mainland, thank you.
10 May 2022 (15:32) 
Sarah Mitchells
Zlibrary is good at hiding—this was founded on 2009?—that's a fun fact!

If there is another fundraising, I will gladly join❤️❤️❤️
24 May 2022 (05:20) 
When I click on Report a Problem, nothing happens. This is not a book, just a file full of pdfs of pages,
24 August 2022 (21:07) 
31 August 2022 (16:22) 
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Mr. Sumiti
14 September 2022 (16:46) 

Şərh yazmaq üçün, zəhmət olmasa, daxil olun və ya qeydiyyatdan keçin
Rəy bildirə və öz təcrübənizi bölüşə bilərsiniz. Sizin rəyiniz bizə inkişaf etməkdə kömək edir.